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About Sound Foundations for Learning
Sound Foundations for Learning was started in San Diego, CA in 1999.  Founding Partner, Darren McCarthy, saw a clear gap in the world of education. Each child he assisted came with a diagnosis of some sort and a list of challenges, but very few strategies to address them. With this in mind he sought programs, products and instructors that were willing to go outside of the box to help kids reach their potential.  

In 2005 Karen Schuster McCarthy took this concept to the next level by working directly with students on the brink of potential. Her background as a team leader and instructor at Milton Hershey School combined with her Educational Psychology knowledge brought a new perspective to the Sound Foundations offering. The business was moved to Easton, MD and the program broadened. 

Through all of these years parents and professionals continue to focus on the issues above the roots such as reading, writing and arithmetic. There remains an absolute need for programs, products and instruction that address core issues. 

This site is dedicated to providing answers and solutions to foundational challenges. Throughout their careers Karen and Darren have learned from the best in the business, some of whom have over 50 years of experience. In this easy to navigate platform you can also learn from these educational pioneers.

Sound Foundations licenses the BEST demonstrable proven video and written content and training from around the world to resolve the hardships that parents, teachers, and professionals have in treating attention and other core skills in both children and adults. 

The content is augmented by a client only Facebook group which features webinars that answer the most frequently asked questions. This content has been used to reduce and even eliminate dyslexia, ADHD, Reading and Executive function issues.                          
What People Are Saying...

Accomplished Learning Centres Ltd. 

Darren and Karen are great, they love the kids and really know how to help each child the best way.

Carolyn K Shreck 

You could not find two more dedicated people who put the students they help in the forefront!! Parents and professionals are lucky to have Sound Foundations for Learning Inc.

Dana Kapusta

Darren and Karen were able to determine what reading challenges our daughters was having and structure programs so we could address the areas she was having a weakness. Here reading has improved significantly and so has her confidence and enjoyment of reading.

Jackie Sadler

Karen found the way Oliver learns and realized how to teach him effectively.Before Sound Foundations we were extremely frustrated with the lack of strategies. All we dealt with Olivers frustration and our frustration. I cannot say enough about how it has changed our son, his self-esteem, his confidence in his ability to learn.