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I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One In My Video Training To Help Your Child To Become A Better Learner.
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  •  Improve quality of life. 
  •  Increase attention while completing school work.
  • Decrease arguments over homework. 
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The Moyer's learning system
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"We were at a complete loss with our 7 year old son, Ben.  Fights over homework EVERY night, issues with learning and he just didn't enjoy school.  And then we met Gayle.  We have implemented her simple program and it has helped SO much.  Ben is like a different child.  The fights over homework stopped and now he is excelling in school.  
THANK YOU, Gayle Moyers!
Kathleen & Brian Powers
Gayle Moyers is a pioneer in education. She leaves no stone un-turned and her lessons assist me everyday in practice.
what if you could help your child become a better learner?
Meet Gayle Moyers,
  • Delivered Innovative Interventions to Challenged Learners for over 50 years.
  • Specializes in improving Auditory Input and Listening Skills.
  • Helped Thousands of Parents and Children become better learners.
  • Experienced in using music as a change agent for challenged learners. 
This is your chance to help your child.
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